The Rumuwoji family in Eneka kingdom, Obio Akpor Local Government Area has declared it’s autonomy from the Rumukaraka family.

The event took place on January 10, 2024 at the ancient Eneka clan hall.

Led by Emmanuel Bekwelem Chukwu, the Rumuwoji family at the occasion cited the desire to contribute to community development and alleged intimidation from the Rumukaraka family.

Chukwu emphasized that their decision had the endorsement of the paramount ruler and council of chiefs, aiming to avoid conflicts while asserting the importance of the Rumuwoji family in Eneka’s politics.

He added that the move was also aimed to expand Rumuowha and support the paramount ruler while maintaining a commitment to peace and God-fearing principles. Community leaders, including Chima Wosu and Progress Chukwu in their goodwill messages, urged the newly autonomous family to foster peace.

While granting the autonomous status, HRH, Eze Roland O. Woko, urged collaboration with others in community activities.

The event, attended by leaders, chiefs, and youths, marked a significant moment in the community’s history







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