A Local Government Chairman in a district of North Central Benue state, Nigeria, has shared the harrowing tale of his recent kidnapping and subsequent release by unidentified captors.

The chairman, whose identity is being kept confidential for security reasons, recounted the disturbing experience in a post made by former Kaduna senator Shehu Sani.

Sani, taking to his verified X account, raised the question of whether this incident could be an accidental discovery of a remedy for prostate enlargement or cancer in men.

The chairman, who had been struggling with a persistent ailment of frequent urination, revealed that his ordeal began when he was forcibly taken captive by unknown assailants.

Throughout his time in captivity, he faced various hardships and uncertainties. However, an unexpected turn of events occurred when his abductors fed him with banana leaves, a moment that both astonished and relieved him.

Initially puzzled by the gesture, the chairman soon observed a significant improvement in his health, specifically with regard to his frequent urination issue. He described the cessation of his ailment as nothing short of miraculous, attributing the positive change to the inclusion of banana leaves in his diet provided by his captors.


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