Amidst the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s ruling affirming Amaopusenibo Siminalayi Fubara as the duly elected governor of Rivers State in the 2023 Governorship Election, the defeated candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Arc Tonye Cole has expressed gratitude to his supporters while deeming the legal battle ‘a good fight’.

Addressing reporters following the court’s decision, Cole emphasized the collective nature of his journey, recognizing the steadfast support of his followers.

He reflected on the temporary setback, declaring the result as disappointing but urged his supporters to look beyond the moment, emphasizing that there is much to gain in the future.

Cole remained resolute, asserting, “Tomorrow we stand again, hold up our heads, and forge on. Aluta continua”.

On his part, Governor Siminalayi Fubara, reveling in his victory, acknowledged the cleared hurdle on his path to governance.

The governor expressed gratitude, and thanked notable figures, including President Bola Tinubu and the FCT Minister, while also appreciating the people of Rivers State for their unwavering support.

He assured them that he would stay committed to delivering the dividends of democracy to the state.

The unanimous Supreme Court judgment dismissed the case brought forth by Tonye Cole and the APC challenging Fubara’s victory. The primary grounds for the challenge were cited as electoral irregularities and Fubara’s alleged failure to resign as a civil servant before contesting for the governorship.

However, the court ruled in favor of Fubara, citing the inability of Cole to prove his case beyond reasonable doubt.

Notably, the APC had withdrawn from the case earlier, leading to Tonye Cole’s characterization of being “abandoned by the party on the road.”

Despite the setback, the political landscape in Rivers State continues to evolve, setting the stage for the future endeavors of the key players involved.

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