By Ken Asinobi


In a bold move aimed at transforming the economic landscape of Ogba/Egbema/ Ndoni Local Government Area (ONELGA), the Chief Executive Officer of HH Hotel and Apartment, Omoku, Mr. Chimuenya Henry Umejuru, has expressed confidence in the potential of the hospitality industry to propel economic growth.

Speaking in an interview with journalists in Omoku at the weekend, Umejuru said the potential impact of such initiatives could be significant for the local community.

The youthful hotelier who said he drew inspiration from the notable successes of Bro. Felix Obuah in the hospitality sector, said he envisions HH Hotel and Apartment becoming a beacon of luxury and hospitality, not only attracting visitors from far and wide but also creating employment opportunities for the residents of ONELGA.

Umejuru emphasized his commitment to community development, stating that through strategic partnerships and innovative tourism packages, ONELGA will witness a surge in tourism, ultimately fostering a thriving and prosperous local economy.

Reflecting on his childhood surroundings and experiences in the tourism industry of Dubai where he domiciled, Umejuru said he aspired and replicated the beauty and success in Omoku, his local community.

Asked about the burgeoning number of hotels in ONELGA, particularly in Omoku, Umejuru saw it as a positive development.

“You don’t just go into business without identifying the need of the people,” he asserted.

Emphasizing the potential for economic growth, he highlighted the necessity for quality lodging options in ONELGA and neighboring states.

To foster a thriving hospitality industry in Rivers State, Umejuru called for governmental support, urging the creation of an enabling environment for hoteliers.

He advocated for the construction and improvement of infrastructure, including roads, and proposed the development of a new airport to elevate Rivers State as a premier tourism destination.

Umejuru also emphasized the importance of financial backing, calling for the upgrading of the Bank of Industry to facilitate access to loans for tourism practitioners.

Additionally, he proposed strategic marketing initiatives, such as online advertisements and collaborations with travel agencies, to attract visitors and elevate the tourism profile of the state.

With these visionary plans, Umejuru envisions a future where the hospitality industry becomes a cornerstone of ONELGA’s economy, creating jobs, improving living standards, and positioning the region as a prominent player in Nigeria’s tourism landscape.


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