The Rivers State Police Command has successfully freed a well known hotelier who had been abducted since December 19, 2023.

Commissioner of Police, Olatunji Disu, who addressed journalists at the command’s headquarters in Port Harcourt on Tuesday, detailed the operation.

He said the victim, whose identity remains confidential for safety purposes, had been subjected to three gunshot wounds prior to being taken captive.

The Commissioner said that during the rescue, a confrontation between law enforcement and the kidnappers ensued, resulting in one of the abductors sustaining injuries in a gunfire exchange.

CP Disu emphasized that the abductors demanded ransom, accepting it in the form of food flasks.

He assured the public of ongoing efforts to track down and apprehend the remaining members of the gang involved.

Recovering crucial evidence, the police seized an AK-47 rifle, two magazines, as well as RX 350 and 330 vehicle.

The rescued victim expressed gratitude for the police intervention, acknowledging the hardships endured during the ordeal.

The police, meanwhile, continue their pursuit to bring all perpetrators to justice.










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