By Ken Asinobi


In the corridors of power, where the echoes of integrity clash against the discordant notes of scandal, the name “Chimaobim” reverberates with a weighty resonance.

Once a luminary figure adorned with the trust of a nation, now suspended in the murky chasm of controversy that swirls around allegations of financial misappropriation.

The suspended Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, her name—Chimaobim, an Igbo testament that translates to ‘God knows my mind’—now lingers as a question mark etched upon the annals of governance, a cipher veiling intentions and invoking the very essence of accountability.

The scene at the EFCC office in Abuja on Tuesday portrayed a somber atmosphere as the suspended Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Dr. Betta Chimaobim Edu, awaited her interrogation. Despite the weight of impending questioning, exhaustion overtook her, and she drifted into slumber, appearing forlorn and neglected.

Sources within security circles labeled the extensive waiting period endured by Edu as an initial form of psychological pressure, a method commonly employed on suspects before interrogation.

Edu’s presence at the EFCC office is tied to ongoing investigations into allegations of fraud during her tenure. These allegations involve improper payments into personal accounts, breaching established regulations.

The focus of the inquiry also extends to the authorization of fund disbursements earmarked for airport expenses, specifically for a non-existent Kogi State Airport, raising questions about the utilization of public funds.

Furthermore, Edu is anticipated to furnish detailed information regarding the recipients of these funds, purportedly allocated to vulnerable populations in Cross River, Akwa Ibom, and two additional states, as claimed by her office.

The duration of her stay at the EFCC office remains uncertain. Attempts to reach the commission’s spokesperson, Dele Oyewala, on Tuesday proved futile as he requested a callback due to ongoing engagements.


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