Somiari-Ama Community in Port Harcourt City Local Government Area (PHALGA) on Saturday, December 16, 2023, celebrated a significant milestone, as they honored their forebear, Chief Amiejubidie Somiari Nengibo.

Chief Amiejubidie who lived in the early 19th century, was lavishly hailed as a legendary figure in the community’s history who was a warrant chief and key signatory to the famous 1913 Port Harcourt Agreement between the colonial masters and chiefs of Okrika and Rebisi.

The commemoration, hosted by family members and led by the esteemed Chief of Somiari-Ama, Barrister Tamunokuro Alex Somiari Amiejubidie, featured a vibrant gathering of women adorned in their traditional yellow on blue attire.

The occasion, a tribute to God for his goodness and mercies, was also dedicated to celebrating the exceptional matriarchs who once graced the community.

Top on the highlights was the vivid reenactment of Port Harcourt’s historical moment: the signing of an agreement between colonial masters and the warrant chiefs representing Okrika and their Rebisi counterparts.

Distinguished speakers at the event shared some insights. Amaopusenibo of Ogoloma, Elder (Sir) Joy Inimgba-Koko, reflected on Chief Amiejubidie’s legacy and emphasized his pivotal role in the 1913 Agreement, signifying Port Harcourt’s origins.

The elder statesman, a Knight of Garreth Braide (KGB), underscored the importance of supporting Chief (Barr) Tamunokuro Alex Amiejubidie Somiari in carrying on his ancestor’s



In his own contribution, Pastor (Dr) Fubara Richard Somiari highlighted Chief Amiejubidie’s role as a unifying force, emphasizing his dedication to peace and progress, as well as his instrumental role in establishing various villages within the Port Harcourt axis.

Speaking at the event, Pastor Ama Ere Jamabo, a retired banker, shed light on Chief Amiejubidie’s contributions to early Christianity in Ogoloma and his profound impact on the community’s spiritual growth.

Similarly, Elder Lawrence Luke Iyoyo recounted the governance and protection Chief provided by the legend to the people within the Gbiri axis, ensuring their welfare and safeguarding them from governmental challenges.

Earlier in his welcome address, the Chief of Somiari-Ama Community, Barrister Tamunokuro Alex Somiari Amiejubidie conveyed heartfelt gratitude for the inaugural celebration, stating, “It’s a thing of joy that we are honoring our progenitor on this remarkable occasion. This marks the maiden edition of the Amiejubidie Somiari Omuaru Day, a momentous event for our community.”

He further expressed his commitment, saying, “I assure you that this celebration marks the beginning. It’s my pledge that, God willing, this commemoration will become an annual tradition, growing in significance and grandeur with each passing year.”

Chief Barrister Tamunokuro Alex Somiari Amiejubidie reiterated the importance of this event, highlighting its significance for future generations.

“With the support of our esteemed elders, the dedication of our women, and the enthusiasm of our youths from the Amiejubidie War Canoe House, I see this day as a milestone. It’s not merely a celebration; it’s a foundation for the continuity of our heritage. Today is just the pilot test. As we move forward, I am committed to ensuring that, God willing, each successive edition of this commemoration surpasses the last in its significance and impact”, he said.

The women folks were not left out as their leader, Mrs. Oroma Somiari, emphasized the importance of preserving Chief Amiejubidie’s legacy and the unity among the community’s women.

The event’s pinnacle featured a stirring drama presentation by the women, depicting the influential matriarchs of Somiari-Ama and emphasizing the values of love and unity among the women.

This celebration not only honored a significant historical figure but also underscored the importance of preserving and cherishing the heritage and unity within the Somiari-Ama Community.


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