Talents Frontiers and Empowerment Initiative Foundation.

Press Briefing Statement.
Caption: “Rehabilitation of the societies through Talents Frontiers and Empowerment Initiative Foundation”

Good evening everyone, may I at this moment welcome all of us in this epoch making event.
I really have to thanks all of you for making out time from your busy schedule to grace this occasion. Once again thank you for coming.

I shall start by saying that, It is the intention of this foundation, that in view of the prevailing unpleasant situations of alarming rise of joblessness, killings, kidnapping, suicide, drug addictions, Prostitutions and all manner of heinous criminality in our present days societies, which can be found: in our Primary schools, post primary schools, colleges and other Tartiary institutions, these prevalence menace as can be seen have become serious threat to our youths and as a result impelled our attention to through this foundation bring rehabilitation to the teaming youths, thus, using medium to develop, promote, project and showcase their Talents to the societies in particular and to the world in general. by so doing the youths will be engaged in a meaningful activities that will earn them means of livelihood.

This will, in no doubt reduce crime rate to the bearess minimum. Therefore it is our unfaltered hope that by engaging our youths in a meaningful activity, such as this, we are rest assured that their future and of course, the future of our nation and generations to come are equally secured.

Further more, it is our aims to once again, through this foundation bring rehabilitation in the society and to the nation at large, to promote the talented, the skilled, the proficient, helping the poor, the needy and the less privileged in the society and also creating job opportunities in order to eradicate poverty and reduce Crime rate in the society.

In other to bring this to realsation, our objectives are targeted to organise free talents hunt and shows, carry out sensitisations, symposia, where the teaming youth’s talents and skills will be harnessed for useful purposes and create an opportunities where their talents can be built.

To realise these dreams and the targeted aims of this foundation, we urge and solicit the goodwill of the esteemed members of the society, personalities, corporate bodies, parastatals, institutions, etc. to support us financially and make other donations that will asist the foundation to enable it achieve its aims and objectives.

Remember, we shall all be remembered but by what we have done and our contributions to the society while alive.

Thank you all as u remain blessed

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