Hon. Daniel Pollyn Escapes Sea Pirates Attack In Bonny

– making it about 4 times he escaped a political attack.

In what looks like a political witch-hunt after the life of Hon. Daniel Pollyn because of his political ambition to run for Bonny LGA chairmanship position, Hon. Daniel Pollyn escaped a sea pirate attack on his life this weekend.
He was able to escape because his seaboat had more speed than the boat of the pirates.

Dez Mayorz media gathered that this is not the first time Hon. Daniel Pollyn has escaped a political attack on his life since his massive endorsement by the people of Bonny LGA (political leaders, chiefs, elders, women, and youth) from the 12 wards of Bonny Local Government Area, in Rivers State, for the position of Executive Chairman of the LGA.

Hon. Daniel Pollyn escaped a car inferno (fire accident ) in his car in Bonny.
He was arrested and kept in detention for 12 days in DSS custody for no reason.

Also, the Bonny LGA council has served notice for his campaign office in Bonny to be removed.
The office has been in existence for several years and approved by previous LGA chairmen, but the current administration wants his office removed.

Hon. Daniel Pollyn’s political opponents have been peddling political propaganda against him recently, which has no truth in it.

It’s hightime the Rivers State Government and the Federal Government comes to protect his citizens especially those persecuted by political opponents.

Hon. Daniel Godwin Pollyn is a philanthropist who has significantly impacted positively in the lives of the people, and has served Bonny LGA. since 1998 as the PDP youth leader for 8 years, served his house for 7 years, and also served as ward chairman.

He has also contributed to the progress of the LGA in different capacities, impacted the youth, and women; and also contributed to the improved security architecture of the Kingdom when he served as the Bonny Federation security director.

He is among the top personalities that won the 2023 prestigious DMOMA Awards this Month, a recognition for community impact in Bonny Community.


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