Trainees from the Next Media Star, an outfit owned by renowned radio broadcaster, Sammy Wejinya, recently paid a visit to the Rivers State Commissioner for Information and Communications, Warisenibo Joseph Johnson to congratulate him on his assumption to the exulted position as the State’s Chief Information and Communications Manager.

Mr. Wejinya, who led the trainees on the visit, introduced the group as a premier media training entity and presented the Season VII trainees to the Honourable Commissioner.

Warisenibo Johnson warmly welcomed the group and praised Wejinya’s commitment to cultivating future media talents.

He outlined the pivotal role of his office in managing and disseminating information, emphasizing its significance in connecting the government with the people.

The Commissioner advised the trainees to seize opportunities and emphasized the significance of dedication in journalism.

The session concluded with a Q&A between the Commissioner and the trainees.




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