By Ken Asinobi


In a groundbreaking move towards a sustainable future for the youths of Rumuosi Community in Obio Akpor Local Government Area in Rivers State, the Asteven International Group of Companies has proudly graduated 10 skilled individuals after a two weeks training program organized by it’s affiliate, the Asteven Energy Institute.

The colourful event which held at the company’s corporate office on Friday, November 17, 2023 was part of the company’s corporate social responsibility to the people of it’s host Community.

These graduates, trained in the procurement and installation of solar panels, mark a significant step in Nigeria’s renewable energy journey.

The Asteven International Group of Companies, spearheaded by it’s Chairman, Amb. Dr. Sunny Akoyibo, has transformed what started as an academy, into the first accredited renewable energy institute in Nigeria.

Recognized by the National Board of Technical Education, the institute stands as a beacon of hope for young graduates and artisans seeking expertise in the green sector.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony, the Port Harcourt Regional Manager of Asteven International Group of Companies, Amb. Comrade Jeff C. Moses Iyieke, lauded Dr. Akoyibo’s visionary initiative and urged a nationwide emulation.

He revealed that the Chairman, Dr. Akoyibo is the President of the Council for Renewable Energy Efficiency In Nigeria (CREEN).

The Regional Manager stressed the importance of such initiatives in alleviating unemployment, while on corporate organisations, public spirited individuals as well as Chairmen of the 23 local government areas in Rivers State to follow suit by sponsoring the youths in the training.

According to him, “Nigeria holds the potential for greatness through renewable energy.

Amb. Iyieke urged citizens to seize the opportunity presented by solar energy to combat the country’s persistent power supply challenges.

He said the skills empowerment for youths of Rumuosi as exemplified through the visionary Chairman, Dr. Akoyibo, will not only equip them with renewable energy skills but will connect Nigeria’s aspirations for a greener future with international standards and best practices.

The Regional Manager expressed delight at the surge in public interest, and affirmed that more individuals are embracing the ‘green world’ by opting for renewable energy solutions.

This initiative not only equips individuals with vital skills but also contributes significantly to addressing the energy crisis in Rivers State and Nigeria at large, fostering a shift towards a more sustainable future.

At the graduation ceremony, Amb. Iyieke, who is a United Nations volunteer and social activist, shared insightful perspectives on the company’s global connections and local impact.

Highlighting the company’s international roots, Amb. Iyieke revealed that Asteven is headquartered in Germany, adding that despite this global presence, the heart and operational hub reside in Lagos, it’s head office in Nigeria.

Also speaking, at the graduation event, the Branch Manager of the company, Mrs. Nkechi David highlighted the essence of the program as a transformative avenue for skills acquisition and employment generation.

Describing the course embarked by the students during the two weeks program as Solar Photo Voltaic Installation (SPVI), Mrs. David emphasized the comprehensive nature of the training, covering all aspects of solar renewable energy installations.

This holistic approach, she said, spans the entire value chain of solar energy, from manufacturing to product delivery, culminating in the training of capable students.

In line with Asteven International Group of Companies’ commitment to expanding access to renewable energy education, Mrs. David highlighted the institute’s presence in major cities across Nigeria, ensuring accessibility and nationwide impact.

While acknowledging the persistent power challenges faced in Rivers State, she underscored the growing awareness and acceptance of solar energy solutions among the populace.

“The increasing consciousness of solar energy is a response to the pressing power challenges in our state,” she stated.

Mr. Jude Igar, the Instructor at Asteven Energy Institute, provided insights following the completion of the two-week program.

He expressed satisfaction with the students’ active participation in both theoretical and practical aspects of their trainings.

Mr. Igar emphasized the importance of ensuring their comprehensive understanding, enabling them to confidently tackle tasks such as designing, conducting energy audits, and installing solar panels.

Speaking on behalf of the graduating students, Mr. Miukelom Okuoma enthusiastically expressed the incredible value of their training experience.

“The training extended beyond theoretical learning, immersing us in hands-on laboratory sessions.

“Each of us was equipped with panels for practical applications, empowering us with the skills to confidently install solar panels in diverse settings, be it homes or offices.

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Chairman of Asteven International Group of Companies, Dr. Sunny Akoyibo, for this invaluable opportunity.

“We fervently hope for the continuous growth and prosperity of the company,” he concluded.

This milestone not only signifies the growth of skilled manpower in the renewable energy sector but also underscores the essential role of corporate social responsibility in shaping a more sustainable future for Nigeria.





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