…Says ONELGA Must Be Ranked Among Richest Councils In Nigeria


As the race for the 2024 Chairmanship election for various local government areas of Rivers State, rages on, with Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government Council not left out, a socio-economic advocacy group, Concerned People’s Assembly (CPA) of Idu-Obosiukwu Community, ONELGA, has called on aspirants to sell to the electorates, a convincing, strategic economic agenda that would catapult ONELGA into the upper echelons of Nigeria’s wealthiest local government areas.

Chairman of the group, Sir (Engr) Clement Umejuru, who spoke to journalists in Omoku, the Council headquarters on Monday, said it is incomprehensible that ONELGA, despite its substantial oil and gas endowments, remains conspicuously absent from the roster of the country’s top 10 richest local government councils.

In his impassioned speech, Sir Umejuru delved into the paradox of ONELGA’s economic situation, saying, “We sit atop vast oil and gas reserves, hosting giants like Total and Agip, yet our prominence in the sector is shrouded in obscurity. It’s an irony we can no longer afford to entertain.”

The CPA Chairman emphasized the need for a comprehensive economic blueprint, underlining that a mere reliance on the ONELGA’s oil and gas riches was not sufficient. “We must diversify and capitalize on our resources innovatively. It’s time to chart a trajectory that transcends oil revenue, one that harnesses our agricultural potential, exploits our human capital, and fosters infrastructural development.”

The Chairman’s fervor was matched only by his clarity of vision. “We must leverage our strategic position to attract investments, establish industries, and create employment opportunities for our youth. It’s imperative that we transform ONELGA into an economic powerhouse, setting a precedent for sustainable growth and development.”

He emphasized the role of leadership in this transformation, asserting, “The onus lies on the incoming leadership to steer us toward this trajectory. They must possess the foresight to craft policies that stimulate economic growth, foster innovation, and prioritize the welfare of our people.”

Sir (Engr.) Umejuru reaffirmed the commitment of the Concerned People’s Assembly of Idu-Obosiukwu Community to support any aspirant ready to embrace this ambitious economic agenda, adding, “We cannot afford to be complacent. The time for action is now. Let us usher ONELGA into an era of prosperity and distinction.”

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