The Secretary of Darl United AllStars Football Club of Port Harcourt, Mr. Brown Isobonye Ebenezer has offered his heartfelt congratulations and warmest birthday wishes to his the Chairman of the club, Mr. Andrew Ijegbai, on the occasion of his birthday anniversary on Wednesday (October 25, 2023).

Isobonye who penned down his birthday felicitations to Ijegbai whom he described as bosom friend and confidant, said his friendship with the celebrant is one that has withstood the test of time, an unwavering bond that extends beyond the realm of football.

He said he choice to take the opportunity of the Chairman’s special day to express his admiration and appreciation for the man who has not only proven himself on the football field but also as a remarkable philanthropist and politician.

In his tribute to Mr. Ijegbai, Mr. Isobonye described his dear friend as a man of rare qualities, a philanthropist who has consistently demonstrated compassion and generosity towards his those around him.

He emphasized that Mr. Ijegbai’s dedication to improving the lives of others through charitable endeavors has set him apart as a true humanitarian.

Mr. Isobonye also lauded Mr. Ijegbai’s exemplary career in politics, noting that his vision for a better society has been both inspiring and effective.  He went further to highlight Mr. Ijegbai’s humility, a trait that has endeared him to many in the world of politics.

“When I think of my friend, Mr. Andrew Ijegbai, I see a man of integrity and vision. He’s not just a friend, but a mentor, and a guide. His humility and hard work have been the bedrock of his success in politics and as the Chairman of our beloved Darl United AllStars Football Club”.

Isobonye went on to express his well wishes for the birthday celebrant, not only in his political journey but also in all aspects of life. “To a friend like no other, I raise a birthday toast to a man whose life exemplifies integrity, vision, and unwavering dedication,” he declared.

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