By Ken Asinobi

In a ground breaking move designed to cushion the effect of high exchange rate currently biting manufacturers and businesses in Nigeria, a leading raw materials procurement company for the pharmaceutical, oil and gas industries, Wusdanberg Integrated Services Limited has launched an expansive sale of calcium carbonate powder, a fundamental mineral with a multitude of applications in various industries.

Calcium Carbonate Powder GH[BP, EP & USP] is an essential raw material used as an excipient or filler in various pharmaceutical formulations. For the food and beverage products, it is used for food fortification to enhance the nutritional value.

Specifically, the grade of calcium carbonate Wusdanberg is selling is 98.8 Heavy Powder.

The company confirmed that it has enough quantities of the highest grade of the product in its warehouses in Lagos, inviting buyers from all over Nigeria to its warehouse in Lagos with guaranteed enjoyment of the highest quality of calcium carbonate powder, at the best price ever.

In a period of very high exchange rate needed to import such important raw material into the country, Wusdanberg is confident that it has shortened that route and most importantly, cheaply too, for companies that use the best grade of calcium carbonate. It will be recalled that over the weekend, the Naira exchanged for more than N1000 to the US Dollar.

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