By Ken Asinobi


In an era of economic globalization, fostering robust trade and investment relationships between nations is pivotal. The British Nigeria Business Network (BNBN), under the dynamic leadership of its Executive Director, Amb Prince (Dr.) Ifeanyi Ubani has been instrumental in enhancing ties and encouraging collaborative ventures between Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

This report delves into the proactive efforts led by the BNBN in advancing trade and investment opportunities between these two nations.

The British Nigeria Business Network (BNBN) is an influential organization dedicated to promoting economic cooperation and cultural understanding between Nigeria and the UK. Established with the objective of fostering bilateral trade and investment, BNBN serves as a vital platform connecting businesses, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders from both nations.

At the helm of BNBN’s operations is its Executive Director, Amb Prince (Dr.) Ifeanyi Ubani who is driven by the vision of strengthening economic ties between Nigeria and the UK.

In a recent interview with journalists in Abuja, Amb Ubani who doubles as Country Rep of British African Business Alliance UK said the vision and mission entail creating an environment conducive to trade and investment, enabling sustainable growth and mutual benefits for both countries.

The Executive Director has been pivotal in organizing numerous networking events, seminars, and trade missions. These events, actively supported by her partners, British African Business Alliance UK, provide a forum for business leaders, policymakers, and investors from both nations to interact, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaborations.

Recognizing the importance of an enabling policy environment, Amb Ubani said the organization has tirelessly advocated for policy reforms that support trade and investment. This according to him, includes addressing regulatory challenges, tariff barriers, and encouraging government initiatives that promote a conducive business environment.

One of the key roles of the Executive Director is to showcase investment opportunities in Nigeria to UK investors and vice versa. By highlighting the potential sectors for investment and facilitating introductions to local business leaders, BNBN actively promotes foreign direct investment.

Trade missions and delegations are essential tools in fostering collaboration. The Executive Director leads and supports these initiatives, helping companies explore potential markets, establish partnerships, and build trust with their counterparts in Nigeria and the UK.

Recognizing the importance of knowledge sharing, BNBN, under the guidance of the Executive Director, organizes training programs and workshops. These initiatives are aimed at enhancing the capabilities of businesses and professionals, enabling them to navigate the complexities of international trade.

The Executive Director of the British Nigeria Business Network, Amb (Dr) Ifeanyi Ubani plays a crucial role in furthering the agenda of promoting trade and investment collaboration between Nigeria and the UK.

Through various strategic initiatives, advocacy efforts, and a commitment to fostering partnerships, the BNBN is contributing significantly to the growth and strengthening of bilateral ties, ultimately benefiting the economies and communities of Nigeria and the UK.

The Executive Director was full of praises for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, pledging to support and partner with his government to foster outstanding bilateral business relations between the UK and Nigerians business communities.

He noted that the Nigerian leader has demonstrated his willingness and determination through his economic reforms. He singled out the removal of fuel subsidies, unifying of exchange rates and other positive economic reforms of the Tinubu administration as key steps taken to encourage bilateral trades and investments.

He said: “The British Nigerian Business Network has continued to Support the UK-Nigerian Trade and Investment relations.

“On April 26th to October,  2022, through the invitation of Her Majesty’s government of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, I led BNBN members and delegates of the UK-Nigerian international business community representatives to London for the UK-Nigerian 7th Economic and Development Forum & Communiqué 2022”, the BNBN boss said.

He added that in same 2022, he also led BNBN members and Nigerian business delegates to London for the 7th Annual UK-Nigerian Trade and Investment Summit, adding that the organization has continued to promote trade and investment between the UK and Nigeria by conducting target oriented research works and investigations, international introductions, connections, Information Management, International Seminars, workshops, Business deal rooms and several exchange programs for knowledge and technology transfers between both nations.

He emphasized that their UK Principal Partner and Chairman of the British African Business Alliance, Mr David Smith, was in his words, truly outstanding, proactive, and supportive.

“The British African Business Alliance UK has over the years identified and put together UK African friendly investors and investment which makes our work easier by providing the BNBN with a ready-made pool of African-friendly business partnership and relations from the UK”, he enthused.

Amb. Prince (Dr) Ifeanyi Ubani was honored with the distinguished Global Peace Award at the 7th Annual London Political Summit & Awards 2022, for his dedication and effective management of such a huge international bilateral business communities, networks and platforms. The event was tagged “The Politics of Democratic Peace through Fair Trade”.




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