As the race for next year Local Government Area Council Chairmanship race gathers momentum, a renowned youth empowerment advocate, Hon. Promise Edemiah, has thrown his hat into the ring in Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government Area (ONELGA).

Known for his relentless dedication to empowering young individuals within and outside ONELGA, Edemiah has easily gained traction and momentum among supporters and locals alike.

The ONELGA Chairmanship aspirant, whose name has become the talk of the town, has a track record of initiating and leading various projects aimed at fostering educational, economic, and social development for the youth.

Records show that the “born businessman”, has successfully organized training programs, mentorship initiatives, and skill development workshops, demonstrating a genuine commitment to uplifting the youths.

Having already made significant strides in the realm of youth empowerment, Edemiah’s decision to enter the political arena has been met with enthusiasm by many who believe in his potential to bring about positive change.

Supporters praise his innovative ideas and progressive vision, emphasizing his ability to bridge generational gaps and address the unique challenges faced by young people in ONELGA.

The youthful chairmanship hopeful has outlined a comprehensive plan that prioritizes education, job creation, and community engagement.

His platform aims to foster an inclusive environment where young voices are not only heard but also actively involved in shaping policies that impact their lives directly.

With the Rivers Local Government council election just months ahead, the anticipation surrounding this youth empowerment champion’s candidacy continues to grow.

Political analysts suggest that this unexpected entrant could potentially disrupt the traditional political landscape and set a precedent for a more youth-centric and progressive approach to governance within the local government.

As the campaign gains momentum, all eyes are on Hon.(Dr) Promise Edemiah, waiting to witness how his focus on youth empowerment and innovative strategies will shape the local government race in ONELGA.

Only time will tell if this unconventional aspirant will emerge victorious, bringing a new era of leadership and inclusivity to ONELGA.

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