Frontline aspirant for the 2024 ONELGA Council Chairmanship election, Hon (Dr) Engr. Promise Edemiah says his attention has been drawn to a video post that circulated on Whatsapp, allegedly from his account, which contained false and misleading information.

Speaking to journalists in Port Harcourt on Saturday, Edemiah made it clear that his Whatsapp account has been hacked by unknown persons who are attempting to tarnish his reputation and the integrity of his campaign.

“I discovered few days ago that my Whatsapp account has been hacked . The hacker posted all manner of rubbish including a teleguided video circulating them to persons on my contacts list”, Edemiah said, stating that he had no hand in creating nor disembarking such posts.

He disclosed that the hacker spoke in Yoruba language, apparently from a native doctor’s shrine, and explained that he neither spoke nor understood Yoruba language.

“I am a full blooded Ogbaman from Ogba Egbema Ndoni Local Government Area”, he said, adding that the hacker in the video, hid his face as he spoke from a dark background.

“The criminal was mentioning some prominent names in Yoruba land, and also mentioned my name”, said Dr. Edemiah, an entrepreneur and group CEO of PAWAFE Integrated Services.

“I’m calling on the general public, especially the good people of ONELGA, to disregard the video as it’s not emanating from me. That video is the handiwork of my enemies who are becoming uncomfortable with my rising profile.

“I also want to say to those behind these mischievous posts using my name, that God will expose them very soon. God is the owner of power and He gives it to whomsoever He chooses”, he said.

Hon. Edemiah who is touted as a ‘born businessman’, assured his teeming supporters and well-wishers not to fret, saying, he remained very focused and would not let them down.

“No amount of blackmail can blur my dreams for Ogba Egbema Ndoni Local Government Area come 2024. I’ll continue to market myself to let them know my capacity, competency and charisma.

“It is a malicious attempt by my adversaries to sow confusion and mistrust in our campaign. I remain committed to running a clean, transparent, and issue-based campaign that focuses on the needs and aspirations of ONELGANS”, he declared.




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