By Ken Asinobi

In a remarkable show of unflinching support for the incumbent Governor of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodimma, a group of indigenes of Nwangele Local Government Area of Imo State indigenes residing in Rivers and Bayelsa States, have come together to endorse his bid for a second term as the November, 2023 election draws near.

Under the aegis of Nwangele Unity Movement (NUM), the group in a statement on Wednesday said Governor Uzodimma has so far demonstrated exceptional leadership and dedication to the betterment of Ndi-Imo during his tenure.

In the statement which was signed by the group’s Coordinator, Mr. Chukwudi Okoro, NUM highlighted several key factors that have influenced their decision to support Governor Uzodimma’s reelection campaign.

He stated, “Governor Uzodimma has demonstrated exceptional leadership and dedication to the betterment of Imo State during his tenure. We, as Nwangele indigenes, have witnessed tangible improvements in various sectors, which have directly impacted our lives here in Rivers and Bayelsa States.”

According to Mr. Okoro, Governor Uzodimma’s commitment to infrastructure development through roads, schools, and healthcare facilities have seen significant upgrades, which have not only improved the quality of life for residents in Nwangele but also provided better access for those traveling from Rivers and Bayelsa States to their hometown.

He acknowledged the Governor’s efforts in promoting job creation initiatives, noting that many indigenes of Nwangele living in Rivers and Bayelsa States have benefited from employment opportunities generated through the government’s programs, reducing unemployment rates among their community members.

On education, Mr. Okoro commended the Governor Uzodimma’s focus, stating that the Governor’s policies have resulted in improved educational facilities and scholarships for indigent students, giving hope to many Nwangele youths pursuing their academic dreams.

Mr. Okoro in the statement urged all Nwangele indigenes in Rivers and Bayelsa States to rally behind the Governor’s reelection bid, adding, “Governor Hope Uzodimma has proven himself as a leader who cares about the welfare of Ndi-Imo, including those living outside the state. We believe that his continued leadership will bring even more progress and prosperity to our people.”


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