By Annie Achunike

In a bid to uncover hidden talents and nurture the potential of youngsters residing in remote villages in Rivers State, the Mumagee Foundation has launched an ambitious project that promises to bring the spotlight to these often-overlooked parts of the state.

Draped in a vision to create opportunities where there were previously none, the foundation under the leadership of High Chief (Dr) Muma Gift Eke (Muma Gee) has set its sights on rural areas that have been long underserved in terms of education and exposure to the arts.

Speaking at a media parley with journalists at the Ernest Ikoli Press Center, Moscow Road in Port Harcourt on Thursday, Muma Gee, who is no stranger to the potential these areas held, having grown up in a small village in Ahoada East Local Government Area herself, said she understood the immense talent hidden in these communities.

“We firmly believe that talent knows no boundaries,” she declared, adding, “Our mission is to unearth the talents of children who might never have the chance to showcase their abilities otherwise. We want to provide them with the platform they deserve.”

She said the project, aptly named “African Talent Pool – Rivers Got Talent” will begin its journey by identifying potential talents in the various arts.

Muma Gee further disclosed that African Talent Pool will partnering with the 23 Local Government Chairmen in the state each of whom will nominate 52 children of 13 years and above for training program.

Muma Gee went on: “Our aim is not only to discover talent but to nurture it. We’ll be working closely with the children and their families to provide the necessary support and guidance to help them reach their full potential.”

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