By Ken Asinobi

No doubt the Imo State gubernatorial elections scheduled for November 11, 2023 promises to be a rough battle between the incumbent governor, Hope Uzodimma and an army of opposition.

However, a recent survey conducted by an independent research firm, Nigeria First Initiative (NFI) reveals an overwhelming victory for Hope Uzodimma and his All Progressives Congress (APC).

The survey by NFI showcased a resounding mandate for Uzodimma from Ndimo across the 27 Local Government Areas of the state.

The poll, which encompassed various demographics and communities across Imo State, reflected the growing popularity and widespread support for Governor Uzodimma’s policies and governance.

Key factors contributing to the expected electoral success were attributed to his administration’s focus on infrastructural development, education, healthcare, and job creation which has significantly improved the lives of Ndimo.

The survey revealed a strong support for Uzodimma among voters. The exercise covered a diverse sample of registered voters across the state, and the results showed that 60% of respondents expressed their intention to vote for Governor Uzodimma in the November 2023 governorship poll.

The survey also highlighted that his approval rating stands at 65%, indicating a high level of satisfaction with his current administration.

The majority of respondents cited his effective leadership, commitment to education, and successful economic policies as key factors influencing their decision to vote for him.

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the survey predicts that Governor Uzodimma is likely to secure a comfortable victory in the upcoming election.

Uzodimma’s innovative approach to governance, coupled with his commitment to transparency and accountability, has gained him admiration and trust from the electorate.

It is expected that Uzodimma would, as soon as the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) gives the nod for campaigns, emphasize his administration’s achievements by highlighting the successful completion of various road projects, renovation of schools and hospitals, and initiatives to empower the youth and promote entrepreneurship.

These accomplishments would resonate with the people, having seen tangible improvements in their daily lives.

The opposition parties, may put up a fierce fight, but certainly not enough to sway the overwhelming tide of support that Uzodimma currently enjoys across the state.

Expectedly, they would call for a change but this would be met with a collective endorsement of the incumbent governor’s vision for Imo State’s future.

Before becoming the Governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodimma had an extensive political career. He served as a Senator representing Imo West Senatorial District and was actively involved in various legislative matters at the national level.

His journey to the Government House was not without controversy. After the 2019 gubernatorial election, there were legal disputes over the results, leading to a protracted legal battle at the Supreme Court.

In January 2020, the Supreme Court declared him the rightful winner, replacing the incumbent, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha at the time.

Throughout his first term as Governor, Uzodimma focused on tackling the state’s developmental challenges. He launched initiatives aimed at reducing youth unemployment, promoting agricultural development, and enhancing the state’s investment climate to attract both local and foreign investors.

Education and healthcare received significant attention under his administration. The Governor initiated programs to improve educational infrastructure and support teachers’ training.

In the health sector, he worked to revitalize healthcare facilities, provide medical equipment, and enhance access to quality healthcare services for all residents.

Governor Uzodimma prioritized infrastructural development, with an emphasis on road construction and rehabilitation. His administration completed several road projects, easing transportation and fostering economic growth.

Uzodimma’s commitment to maintaining peace and security in the state was reflected in various initiatives to combat crime and ensure the safety of residents. He collaborated with security agencies to tackle security challenges effectively.

The Governor championed public-private partnerships as a means to attract investments and create employment opportunities in Imo State. He encouraged collaboration between the government and private sector to drive economic growth.


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