Femi Gbajabiamila, Chief of Staff to President Bola Tinubu, provided insight into the President’s decision not to assign specific portfolios to the list of ministerial nominees submitted to the Senate on Thursday.

Gbajabiamila stated that while attaching portfolios could have been a favorable approach, President Tinubu opted for flexibility in assigning roles within the government. This approach allows the President to assess each nominee’s suitability for particular positions and make adjustments if needed to ensure optimal functionality in the government.

He explained that if specific portfolios were assigned and later changed, it could lead to complications and possibly require rescreening of the candidates.

Gbajabiamila assured that the President and his team are currently evaluating the nominees and their respective portfolios during the ongoing screening process. This allows them to carefully match each nominee’s skills and expertise with the various ministerial positions.

He emphasized that the President has thoroughly vetted each nominee to ensure they possess the necessary qualifications to contribute effectively to the country’s progress. While some nominees may have expertise in specialized fields like Attorney-General, most can fit into various portfolios as deemed suitable.

Gbajabiamila revealed that President Tinubu intends to restructure some ministries and may even create new standalone ministries. This adds complexity to assigning specific portfolios beforehand, as the restructuring might require reshuffling roles.

Even before their formal confirmation by the National Assembly, the nominees are expected to be actively contributing to the government’s goals. Some individuals have been providing advice to the President, anticipating their confirmation and not wasting any time in working towards the government’s objectives.


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