…As Vigils Of Destiny Kicks Off


By Ken Asinobi

The atmosphere was charged with emotion and a palpable mix of piety, reverence, and gratitude as the Alter of Mercy became a reality, not only to the Lead Pastor of Gateway International Church, Pastor George Izunwa, but for all who patiently awaited its manifestation.

As the crowd erupted in applause and cheers, their voices echoed through the night sky, a resounding testament to the awe-inspiring spectacle they had witnessed. And as the twilight descended upon the St. John – Ogbogoro Road, a sense of solemnity and anticipation settled over the surrounding streets leading to the grand project that became the Altar of Mercy.

As the atmosphere grew increasingly charged, the very essence of mercy also descended upon Gateway International Church. It was a moment when compassion and forgiveness converged, transcending the boundaries of time and space.

It was the kickoff of the annual Vigil of Destiny which holds in all Fridays in the month of July. Hands clasped in prayer, heads bowed in reverence, the congregants opened their hearts, pouring out their hopes, fears, and dreams to the One who listened.Their prayers, spoken and whispered, created a symphony of supplication and gratitude.

As the hours deepened in the vigil, the atmosphere intensified. The energy in the church swelled, reaching a crescendo of spiritual fervor.  Tears of joy and gratitude streamed down faces, as hearts overflowed with a sense of divine connection. People embraced one another, strangers becoming brothers and sisters in faith, their spirits bound by the shared experience of worship. In that moment, Gateway church took it’s place as a sanctuary. It became a place where burdens were lifted, spirits renewed, and the boundless love of God tangibly felt.

In that sacred space, as the thousands praised and worshipped God, the mood was one of profound reverence, unity, and transcendent joy.  It was a glimpse of heaven on earth, a moment where the divine and the mortal converged, reminding all present of the eternal bond between humanity and the Creator.

With the collective efforts and a shared vision of members of Gateway church,, Altar of Mercy, conceived by the Lead Pastor in April 2023, began to take shape rapidly, bolstered by the spirit of camaraderie and a shared commitment to creating a sacred space for worship.

The construction process was a testament to the power of collaboration and community mobilization. Regular workdays were established, where volunteers worked tirelessly side by side, often going above and beyond to ensure progress was made.

The sense of pride and ownership within the church fueled the momentum, as members took on specific roles and responsibilities, leveraging their unique talents and expertise. Through their tireless dedication and relentless determination, the members successfully brought their collective vision to life,  achieving  Pastor Izunwa’s promise to the church in an impressively short span of time.

Within the tapestry of testimonies, incredible tales of miracles emerged, leaving the congregation awestruck and inspired. A mother shared a story of healing on her 5 year old boy, displaying photo of the kid’s rupturing testicle and how the challenge had been overturned by divine intervention after prayers by Pastor George Izunwa.

Against all odds,  his body had been restored to full health, a testament to the healing power of faith. Tears of gratitude flowed freely as the mother proclaimed the miraculous restoration her child had experienced, igniting a spark of hope in the hearts of those who listened.

Another testimony stirred hearts with its tale of provision in the midst of despair. A lady, on the brink of financial ruin, shared how, through fervent prayer at “January To Please God”, unexpected doors had opened, bringing forth unexpected blessings. The burden of lack had been replaced with an abundant provision, offering a living example of God’s faithfulness and provision.

Her testimony ignited a chorus of joyful exclamations, as the congregation was reminded of the miraculous ways in which divine grace could transform even the direst of circumstances.

In these incredible testimonies, the power of God’s presence was palpable, inspiring awe and a renewed sense of belief. The stories of healing, provision, and divine intervention echoed through the sanctuary, creating an atmosphere charged with faith and hope.

Each testimony served as a reminder that miracles were not just ancient tales, but living realities in the lives of those who sought the face of God.

In the preamble leading to his message, Pastor Izunwa emphasized that the facility would become what he called “Headquarters of Mercy”,

His powerful supplications boomed around the arena:, “When men walk in here, they will find Mercy, they will find forgiveness, they will find healing, they will find deliverance, they will find prosperity, they will find guidance and they will find protection, in the name of Jesus”, amidst a thunderous “amen” from the crowd.

He went on to explain what the church is obligated to do in order to activate the force of mercy at the facility.

The first requirement, he said, is  the advocacy of the Blood of Jesus, stressing that with that mindset, the blood would speak to any one who steps his foot on that ground.

He said, “The second is brokenness of heart. Anytime you come here, allow your heart to be broken. The third thing that makes an altar of mercy is the covenant of unmerited kindness. You cannot expect the altar of mercy to speak for you when you are wicked and vindictive to others.

“The fourth is the pattern of consistent service. Learn that everyone you come to the altar of mercy, you come with a seed. Never be careless about that because that is what releases mercy”, he said.

The fifth and last a activator of mercy, he said, is the ministry of a compassionate priest, explaining that as it was in the ministry of the biblical Aaron the priest, so it is in the present dispensation.

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