…As Exercise Records Success At CSS, Oroworukwo


By Ken Asinobi

In its bid to alleviate the burden of asthma among students in Rivers State, a non governmental organization, Care Across Borders (CAB) Foundation has launched an ambitious initiative to provide free asthma treatment to students in secondary and tertiary institutions.

Following the lofty initiative, the Foundation on Friday, took the exercise to Community Secondary School (CSS) Oroworukwo in Harcourt City Local Government Area ((PHALGA), where over 30 inhalers were given out to students, teachers and other individuals diagnosed of asthma.

Speaking at the event which had the presence of the Rivers State branch of the Medical Women Association of Nigeria, the Chairman of CAB Foundation, Rtn. Jennifer Adasa Chile said the initiative is intended to address the growing concern of students in and outside the state who suffer from asthma but lack access to proper medical care.

The Chairman told the gathering inside the school’s Assembly Hall that one of the goals of the Foundation is to provide a lifeline for students affected by asthma, ensuring they receive the treatment they need to lead healthy lives and excel academically.

She said: “Our core value is giving life a meaning so we are doing that today through asthma sensitization, education of symptoms, triggers and possibly management”.

Rtn. Chile disclose that the Foundation projects to reach 20 schools in 3 month  bringing the total schhols to be impacted at 80 in a year.

“We intend reaching out to other schools.  There is a project we call:
“20 Schools For 3 Months”.  But we couldn’t meet up with this projection because of the schools calendar that.

“So, for now, we have a projection to reach up to 40 schools for 2023 because you know definitely that some schools close for holidays, so we have to balance.  So we are looking at projecting 40 secondary and tertiary schools in the state before the end of this year”, she said.

The CAB Foundation leader, who also sits as Executive Director/Co-Founder of Variezone Marine Services Ltd as well as CEO of Mammoth Marine Services Limited called for collaboration with international partners to ensure the success of this vital healthcare endeavor.

“We would love to have even  local and international partners.  The reason is not because we want to enrich ourselves but rather to expand the scope of this project.  So that more lives can be touched, more patients can be saved through giving out because we cant do it alone. You know that one drop of water doesn’t make an ocean. But many drops of water would certainly make an ocean”.

She went on: “The collaboration efforts aim to leverage expertise, resources, and funding from foreign partners to strengthen the capacity of CAB Foundation’s initiative.

“Through knowledge sharing, technical support, and financial contributions, these partnerships will enable the Foundation to expand its reach, enhance medical infrastructure, and develop sustainable asthma management programs for the long term”.

The Rotarian whose speech was punctuated with applause from the audience, expressed gratitude to the Medical Women Association of Nigeria for bringing their skill and wealth of knowledge to bear.

In an interview with journalists after the event, the Chairman of School Health Committee at the Medical Women Association of Nigeria, Rivers State branch, Dr Onyi Ukegbu described the initiative as wonderful and commended the Foundation for job well done.

“The initiator is not in the medical field yet she felt so endeared to see people suffering and decided to commit her time and resources to save lives. From what they are doing I believe they are going to go places.

“Asthma has killed a lot of people because though they know they need inhaler, they can’t afford it. So, this event is a kind of enlightenment for people to know and appreciate what asthmatic patients are suffering each time they have attack”, she said.

Some beneficiaries who spoke to journalists are Chinyere Ichemati,  Mrs. Dick Iruenabere and  Mrs Victory Rockson Wene.

Chinyere Ichemati: “I just want to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude to the foundation for their incredible generosity in providing free inhalers.

Mrs Dick Iruenabere: “To the Foundation, I can’t thank you enough for the invaluable service you’re providing.

Mrs. Victory Rockson Wene: “I’m simply overwhelmed with gratitude for the foundation’s unwavering commitment to improving the lives of people suffering from respiratory illnesses.

Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition that affects millions of people worldwide, causing breathing difficulties, coughing, and whizzing. Without timely intervention and appropriate treatment, asthma can significantly impact a child’s education and overall well-being.

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