AUSO Entertainment Studios, an ex-corperation company owned by Mr. Anthony Ubaka.

The AUSO Entertainment Studios is an ex-corperation company in the US, owned by Mr. Anthony Ubaka, a US-based Nigerian citizen who solicited the help of Zeb Ejiro to launch and promote the studio in Lagos, Nigeria since the company is still new in the Nigerian Movie and Entertainment Industry; as a way of expanding the company’s coast with the new studio named AUSO Entertainment Studios in Surulere, Lagos.

The studio is a multi-millions projects.

The Lagos studio already has the following equipments installed;
1. Live wire current breaker
2. Avalon vaccum tube 3. Warm audio set 2pcs 4. Distressor
5.sixteen channel xlp
6. Switerheran 16 channel 2 pcs
7. Cisco 1pcs
8. Focus rite 1.

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