The outcome of the February 25th Presidential election in Nigeria has been a point of contention for many parties.

Recently, the Presidential Election petition tribunal in Abuja began its pre-hearing in the petition seeking to challenge the election results announced by INEC. Atiku, Obi, and several other parties who rejected the results were all in attendance.

SAN Levy Uzoukwu, the Lead Counsel of Mr. Peter Obi, spoke out after the pre-hearing and made it clear that they have a mission to show the world the unprecedented level of irregularities in the 2023 Presidential election.

In his statement, he expressed his confidence in the evidence gathered, insisting that it would be enough to prove to the entire nation that the outcome of the election is questionable and cannot stand, News Week Nigeria reports.

The Lead Counsel confidently promised that they would leave no stone unturned in fighting for justice.

”We are willing to do all we ought to do, and we will prove to Nigerians that we did our best. The entire world will see that the 2023 election is the worst that has ever been held in Nigeria, and perhaps, Africa as a whole.”

This statement shows how serious the litigants are about the petition and how eager they are to ensure their mission is accomplished.

The implications of the election outcome are immense, and the litigants have made it their duty to prove the irregularities to the public.

In the meantime, the Presidential election tribunal in Abuja has started the pre-hearing process, where both sides will have the opportunity to present their case.

The outcome of this hearing will determine whether the case would proceed to the full hearing process or not.

Regardless, the seriousness of the litigants and their mission is evident in their statement, and one cannot help but feel that there is more to come.

Only time will reveal the truth of the matter, but one can be sure that the nation is keenly watching and waiting for the outcome.

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