Sir Siminalayi Fubara Plans For The Youth In Rivers.

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Credit: Ibim Semenitari


Fubara said;

The youths are the future of Rivers State and the hope of their families and communities.

The New Rivers Vision recognized
the need to develop and empower the youths to advance the social, economic and political progress of the State and the country.

Governor Wike, therefore, gave our youths considerable leverage in educational opportunities, political career and appointments, job placements and direct economic empowerment.

Nevertheless, we acknowledge the need to do more to advance the social, economic and political progress and well-being of our
youths. Consequently, we shall:

• Adopt a comprehensive blueprint for Rivers State Youth Development Policy and supporting strategies in terms of programmes and funding to serve as a compass for addressing the challenges of youth development in Rivers State;

• Continue providing educational and training opportunities for our youths to empower themselves with the proper knowledge and skills that they needed to be positively active, productive and self-reliant citizens;

• Strengthen the Ministry of Youth Development to promote youth development in partnership with other institutions, including the Ministry of Employment Generation, local
government councils, educational institutions, the private sector and development partners;

• Strengthen the Ministry of Employment Generation to generate private-sector job placements for the youths;

• Establish a youth investment and development fund to assist,train and empower our youths to access start-up grants to start
and run their businesses and be employers of labour;

• Initiate a Youth Entrepreneurial Programme (YEP) to instil an entrepreneurial mindset in our youths and encourage them to take to entrepreneurship careers through funding support,training and mentorship with established businesses and quality private skills providers;

• Implement Youth Public Works Programme to engage our youths in various public works and services to enable them to earn income while acquiring relevant skills and work experience
that they needed for gainful employment afterwards; and

• Drive economic growth, empower and partner with the private sector to create jobs and empowerment for the youths; and

• Support the development of the creative industry in the state, including arts, music, dance, film making theatre and fashion for
our youths to explore and develop their talents.

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