The presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, has dismissed a social media postings that members of Obidient movement are planning an #ENDINEC, #ENDNigeria Protest in country after the controversial presidential election of February 25th.

The former Anambra Governor in a tweet on Friday said they’re not planning anything of such while reiterating his resolve to recover his mandate through court and due process.

“My attention has been drawn to social media postings suggesting that a nation-wide groundswell “#ENDINEC”, “#ENDNigeria” Protest is being planned by the Obidients. We are aware that those postings are being orchestrated by the Opposition.

“My position is clear: Without prejudice to constitutional dictates on freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, I have publicly stated that in the matter of reclaiming our stolen mandate, we shall do so robustly, via the Courts and Due Process.”

Obi, while noting the mixed feeling a lot of persons have about our judiciary, said all efforts most be made to build strong institutions, adding that the matter which is already before the Presidential Election Tribunal (PET) is a litmus test to show if it’s ready to vindicate itself.

“Regardless of the misgivings many may have about our Judiciary, we must strive to build strong and resilient institutions, of which the Judiciary is one. As a firm believer in the separation of powers between the three arms of government, I am conscious that every so often, the Judiciary is called upon to vindicate itself on epochal national public-interest issues. The matter presently before the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) is one such litmus test case.

“Therefore, we are committed to pursuing Due Process in an unfettered manner. That is our primary and priority option.”

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