Sir Siminalayi Fubara’s Manifesto On Health Sector

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Credit: Ibim Semenitari

The Rivers State PDP gubernatorial candidate, Sir Siminalayi Fubara has continued to be prolific and articulate in making his developmental plans for Rivers State known to the Rivers people which is enshrined in his 37 paged manifesto.

Health sector is comprehensively touched on primary, secondary and tertiary health care systems.

In his manifesto, Sir Siminalayi Fubara said the following on Health sector:

“Access to a quality and affordable healthcare system is essential to the well-being of every citizen.
Under the NEW Rivers Vision Governor Wike has substantially transformed the healthcare sector. “

“Indeed, physical healthcare infrastructure is no longer a serious challenge. The challenge is more in the efficient management and sustainable delivery of quality healthcare services.”

“Accordingly, we shall consolidate the success by further strengthening the capacity of the State to guarantee universal access to quality and affordable healthcare services to our citizens. “

“To this end, we shall, focus in the following sub-sectoral goals:


• Increase the health budget to manage the State’s primary healthcare system efficiently;

• Establish the Rivers State Healthcare Intervention Fund to provide free healthcare to under-five-year-old and pre-and postnatal services to pregnant and nursing mothers;

• Take steps to implement the Rivers State Contributory Health Insurance Scheme to advance universal health insurance coverage for citizens;

• Rehabilitate dilapidated primary and secondary healthcare centres and hospitals across the State;

• Provide new health centres and hospitals for communities and Local Government Areas without any;

• Take steps to ensure the sustainable availability of essential medicines at all health facilities across the State;

• Strengthen the public health and infectious diseases prevention and control systems in the State; and

• Work with all stakeholders to ensure access to public and preventive healthcare services, including universal immunization for children and cancer screening for men and women.


• Increase funding for the Rivers State Teaching Hospital to become one of the best tertiary hospitals in the country;

• Sustain the operations of the Dr. Peter Odili Cancer and Cardiovascular Diseases Diagnostic and Treatment Centre in partnership with competent private healthcare service providers;

• Sustain the Governor Wike’s special scholarship programme for Rivers State medical students; and

• Provide bonded fellowships, post-doctoral grants and scholarships in special areas of medicine and surgery where the state lacks manpower.” – Sir Siminalayi Fubara wrote.

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