Rivers 2023: Agricultural Plans Sir Siminalayi Fubara Has For Rivers People

The Rivers State PDP gubernatorial candidate, Sir Siminalayi Fubara has made his agricultural plans known to the Rivers people which is enshrined in his 37 paged manifesto.

Siminalayi believes that every nation or state depends on agriculture for food security and economic growth.

The gubernatorial candidate said Rivers State can become Nigeria’s agricultural powerhouse with vast arable land and water resources.

The manifesto on Agriculture continues as follows;

The New Rivers Vision encouraged the transformation of agriculture through private sector investments, knowing that government is never good in business.
The Governor also built the Rivers Cassava processing company to stimulate a cassava revolution in the State. And with good roads to the rural areas, the State is set for an agrarian revolution.
We will continue to promote, support and attract private investors to develop the State’s agricultural sector to achieve food security, grow our economy and create jobs for the citizens. Accordingly, intend to achieve our objectives for sustainable agricultural development with the following measures:

Review and adopt a new Rivers Agricultural Development Programme to stimulate investments and development in agriculture in the State;
Increase budgetary funding to promote, support and encourage commercial agriculture and allied businesses in Rivers State;

Encourage, train, support, incentivise and mentor interested youth of Rivers State to take to agriculture and allied businesses to make money;

Release state-owned agricultural lands and investments to serious investors for commercial and mechanised agriculture;
Strengthen the State Ministry of Agriculture and other institutions to provide existing and new small-holder farmers with extension services, technical support, land preparation, seedlings, fertilizers, irrigation services, and market access to improve production;

Ensure Rivers State becomes largest producer and net exporter of cassava and its derivatives;

Support investments in commercial oil palm production and other cash crops;

Encourage local government councils to support local farmers to improve production and access to fertilizers, processing facilities and markets;

Leverage the Federal Government and Central Bank’s agriculture development programmes to advance the development of agriculture in Rivers State; and strive to participate in the Nigeria Special Agro-Industrial Processing Zones Programme of the African Development Bank to transform the State’s agriculture sector, create jobs, generate revenue and achieve food security.

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