The Presidential Campaign rally of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the arrival of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to Port Harcourt appeared to have laid to rest speculations about the Lagos billionaire backing the governorship quest of Senator Magnus Ngei Abe.

Sources at the Port Harcourt Interactional Airport, Omagwa captured what transpired the moment the Jagaban’s private jet touched down the airport.

“In Senator Abe we actually have a figure to be proud of.

*Right in the presence of everyone, including Tonye Cole, Emeka Bekee, Chief Victor Giadom and all leaders of APC, Asiwaju asked his DSS to bring Senator Abe into his private jet, ordered everyone out of the plane”, the source told Kentochmedia.

According to him, Tinubu excused everyone, saying he wanted to “talk with my friend”.

“Everyone disembarked from the plane save Senator Abe and the pilot on the cockpit. The plane door closed.

“For close to 30 minutes Asiwaju had his meeting With Senator Abe in his private jet before Abe left for his own campaign tour”, he said.

Further takeaway, according to our source, is that while Tonye Cole was “running around as if he wanted to enter into the mouth of Asiwaju, Asiwaju made his over 30 minutes speech on stage without a single reference or mention of Tonye Cole”.

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