Abiye Sekibo is a merchant of violence – Princewill A. Dike reacts to Abiye’s accusation of being attacked in Rivers State.


Should one say, ludicrous, hilarious or vexatious, reading/hearing Abiye Sekibo accuse Gov Nyesom Ezenwo Wike – CON of fake “assassination” attempt on his life?

In this part of human habitat, we have one common ailment: collective amnesia. We forget history easily! If not, Abiye Sekibo would not have had the bravodo to accuse an innocuous man, without a scintilla history of violence, of being behind the purported “assassination” attempt on his life.

Has it taken a flight off our memory, the dramatis persona that turned Rivers State into a threat of war during the Odili administration?

Rivers State became akin to what Ross graphically lamented as the sad state of Scotland during the terror reign of Macbeth, to wit:

“Alas, poor country, almost afraid to know itself. It cannot be called our mother, but our grave, where nothing But who knows nothing is once seen to smile. Where sighs and groans and shrieks that rent the air Are made, not marked.” (Shakespeare:Macbeth).

Who did the public point fingers of accusation at on the sad quarry of Chief AK Dikibo? Have we forgotten?!

Should I reproduce my Beacon newspaper article of March 8-14, 2011, page 7, entitled:.Reflections On Dr. Abiye Sekibo’s Statement On Security.

Abiye Sekibo is a merchant of violence in Rivers State. To tar brush Gov. Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, he scripted a poor “assassination” attempt on him. But the public knows who he is.

No character assassination will de-market Gov. Wike in Rivers State. Rivers people love him because of his infrastructural renaissance. Evidence of their love for him is proved in the mammoth crowd that attends the ongoing Rivers PDP Campaign trail.

Can Abiye Sekibo and his co-travellers tell us another story? Accusing Wike of state sponsored violence is dead on arrival!

Princewill A Dike.

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